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Persuasion is the magic bullet to creating massive success, wealth, and fulfillment. There is no more important skill in both your professional and personal life. So why do so many businesses neglect this integral skill and choose to leave so much money on the table? In an up or down economy it is the masters of influence, negotiation and persuasion that rise.

If you have a sales number to reach, your business needs to know exactly how to create sales efficiencies.

Businesses equipped with the right skills, tools and knowledge can grow and expand in any market – just ask our clients…

Discover Coaching, in partnership with the most successful Training Firms in the world, have created a summary of the best and most powerful approaches to sales and marketing available today. Developed in the trenches of some of the toughest outbound / inbound call center and direct sales environments, the DC Sales Series are designed for immediate impact to bottom line results.

Businesses at the top know well that individual growth and development is one of the crucial ingredients to an engaged workforce. Investing in the tools and techniques to be a powerful


communicator will not only have a massive affect on your sales numbers, but on your levels of general fulfillment and satisfaction. Learning to powerfully negotiate and mediate high value conversations – both internally and customer-facing – is a fantastic way to build a united and focused team of highly skilled, highly motivated brand advocates.

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Straight Line System (Course duration 2 - 4 Days)

Want to learn the exact system used by the infamous Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall Street? This negotiation system is widely regarded as the most effective selling course in the business world and has now inspired a movie directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leo DiCaprio as Jordan. Learn the simple and elegant guidelines of business development and persuasion that built one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Wall Street history…

Topics covered in our modules include:

·       The three elements of a logical emotional value pitch

·       Mastering the Inner Game of influence (Deepdive into Building Standards, Limiting Belief, Vision Focus & State Management)

·       Effective Business Communication (Mastering tonality, body language and verbal patterns)

·       Elements of compliance (Product, Sales Person & Brand; Action versus Pain Thresholds; 3 constants in the Straight Line)

·       Hypnotic language patterns and closing

·       Effective prospecting and qualifying

·       How to utilize Looping and Handling Objections

·       Creating customers for life

·       Much, much more…

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Quantum Linguistics and NLP for Sales Teams (Course duration 1 - 3 Days)

Quantum Linguistics is from the NLP in Sales Toolbox and the most effective communication in the workplace education in the business industry. This fusion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and practical Selling Methodology is regarded as the best NLP for Business Application course available for company owners, sales leaders, coaches, consultants and speakers.

This course will include:

Topics covered in our modules include:

·       Advanced language patterns of NLP

·       Embedded commands and Presuppositions in Quantum Linguistics

·       The NLP Negotiation Model

·       Milton and Meta models

·       Directional questioning (for specific results)

·       Prime concerns and Metaphor

·       Representational systems and well formedness conditions

·       Eye patterns and predicates

·       Anchoring and state elicitation

·       Motivation and buying strategies

·       Parts integration, fast phobia model and NLP in therapy

·       Much, much more…

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Sales & Negotiation Masterclass (Course duration 5 - 12 Days)

This is the course if you are serious about a career in high value negotiation and selling. Designed initially as a Shark Tank Bootcamp for business raising Venture Capital, this high intensity, full immersion Sales & Negotiation Masterclass is like no other. Learn what is communication and how to control and create culture in sales teams as you master the art of Pitching, Negotiating and Closing the biggest sharks in the tank. This course is the distilled persuasion systems and play guides used by Brian Tracy, Jordan Belfort, Oren Klaff, Dale Carnegie, Tad James, Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, Bandler and Grinder.


Topics covered in our modules include:

·       The five key steps to shifting behavior in persuasion

·       The three elements of a logical emotional value case

·       How to negotiate with a customer without dropping price

·       Controlling immediate, mid and long phase impression

·       Powerful language patterns for deadlock navigation and any objection

·       Negotiation and mediation strategies for team and client management

·       Mindset management and Creating Your Future® interventions

·       Advanced Sales systems for ongoing self-training

·       Much, much more…

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Our team are certified NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Master Coaches with the American Board of Neural Linguistic Programming.

The Discover Coaching Sales and Leadership programs are designed in a practical, immediate-to-implement way to take charge of the challenges facing today’s business leaders. Our success comes from our regimented feedback and accountability program, which is the magic ingredient to moving you forward.

Whether you are a business owner or CEO, coach or presenter, sales manager or leader – your ability to influence is crucial. In our advanced sales courses, we dive into the fascinating worlds of neuro programming, language patterning, social dynamics, inner game mastery and much more.

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All Discover Coaching Sales, Leadership and Coaching Programs are tailored to each individual and align tactical, strategic and visionary leadership styles to reach both Professional and Personal milestones. David is fully certified for the use of both proprietary (Neuro Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy ®, Straight Line System) and authored custom programs (How to Boil an Egg, Sales Accelerator Series, Coaches Collection).

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David is a highly proficient sales professional who took the time to understand our real business problems and very quickly put in a solution. David was delightful to work with and highly recommend him to any organization who has a telesales related issue or opportunity. David has the smarts to maximize the opportunity.

Monique Dorigo - Head of Marketing, RP Data

We wanted to do something different and challenging and David quickly grasped what we were looking for and after a few emails and meetings was able to come up with a tailored event that cut to the core of what we were trying to achieve. Unlike so many facilitators/ guest speakers, David took a tailor made approach and the bespoke result was better that I could have wished for.

Matt Pearce - Managing Director, Diversified Exhibitions

David is professional, effective and incredibly easy to work with - especially under specific and measurable criteria. I am always looking to re engage David again with in our business due to the fantastic results he delivers. I look forward to working with David again!

Andrew Shand - Strategic Project Manager, Global Corporate Rewards

David has a great social conscience. He relates well to people and is highly motivated in all that he does. On top of this he is a great guy!

Neil McWhannell GAICD JP - Chief Executive Officer, Educate Plus (Former CEO - HeartKids Australia)

Working with David has been a personal and professional journey I never expected. His innate ability to inspire people for the long term, rather than just motivate them for the short term and has lead me to explore opportunities to work in sales and corporate training with major international brands. Dave, thank you and thank you again! More than helping me make the shifts I needed to really to get the results I always wanted!

Laura McIlroy – Copywriter, International Contractor

As a result of the training within 6 months, I now manage a million dollar account with a multi-billion dollar client with my own small team as well as starting my own family business. The training around State Management has really helped me both in business and in my personal life, specifically the ability to switch in to a state of certainty and confidence when faced with a state of overwhelm. This training is for everyone who is looking to reach the next level in their personal or professional life. DC’s coaching covers all aspects, from relationships to entrepreneurship! Massive thanks Dave!’

Rob Daniel – Program Manager, LivePerson APAC

I now have a completely different state of mind in my standards for myself personally and professionally as a result of working with David Cervelli… the difference in my work ethic and beliefs within myself are truly remarkable… I had little to no direction, no sales knowledge and no idea of what I wanted out of my professional life… I now am part of the senior sales team in my business and am arguably one of the better sales people in the company all because of Dave’s sales training and coaching.

Bridget Rose – Business Development Manager, Sharples Enterprises