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Famous and infamous, beloved or feared – they are the great leaders that have shaped our world. But what made them so great? What specific tools and capabilities made them so great? What specific tools and capabilities made them so magnetic? What is the X factor – and how would it affect your life if you shared in their knowledge?

If leadership is an important factor in your role or industry, then the responsibility to change the world is yours.

 Discover Coaching Sales Leadership programs are custom designed to meet the challenges of your workplace dynamics and market landscape. In today’s business environment, the pressures to perform are greater than ever. This is why when you work with DC, you’re guaranteed the most effective tools and strategies for engaging and motivating your teams to success.

The New Marketplace is where all companies are now doing business. Mobility, Social Media and the Internet are changing the conversation. Customer tolerance and behavior is being driven by peer group 

experience and access to instant, unlimited information. The rate of change is catching many companies unaware. Complex technology solutions often take precedence, leaving sales and business process neglected and dated. Regardless of innovation, ingenuity or industry, without a proven and scalable Sales Leadership process, your business will fail. 

The New Marketplace

Survival in the New Marketplace is achieved with two crucial elements: The first is employee engagement. The message here is simple – outstanding companies in the New Marketplace always feature a high performance work place. To perform at full potential, people in your enterprise must love coming to work. Second, your customer facing teams must be highly skilled to do their work. The most important skill that any person in business can have, bar none, is the ability to influence.
 When you work with Discover Coaching, we get to know your business individually to identify the highest leverage points of focus and return to ensure immediate and practical solutions tailored to your individual needs.

If you’re serious about taking your business leadership team to the next level, why not give us a call today and book a connection call with one of our coaches?

What will I learn?

Learn: Advanced communication techniques to align and drive highly motivated sales teams The four pillars of the Sensory Acuity System for high paid coaching To identify quickly and easily the values drivers and detractors for individuals and teams How to penetrate the logical levels of change in your business for sustainable improvement Neuro programming and social dynamics in business Quantum Linguistics and word selection tools for navigating different the three professional archetypes How to create an award-winning high performance, high engagement workforce in today’s economic climate

Regarded as our most transformational course, we totally immerse you in the psychology and behavioral patterns to be truly recognized as an inspirational leader. Note: This course goes deep into the practices and systems that separate the everyday manager from the great leaders of influence – THIS IS NOT A PROGRAM FOR BEGINNERS. Groups remain small (less than 15 in each session).

If you want to join the hundreds of satisfied clients who’ve transformed their business leadership practices, call now to find out how you can get started today.

“From the coaching program we saw an instant turn around in a management team member that had been disengaged with our business for years! This training is for any business looking to re-engage their teams and turn focus back to customer.” – Maria Andrews, Senior Advisor Performance Development, QANTAS Holidays
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“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers” – Bach

David is a highly proficient sales professional who took the time to understand our real business problems and very quickly put in a solution. David was delightful to work with and highly recommend him to any organization who has a telesales related issue or opportunity. David has the smarts to maximize the opportunity.

Monique Dorigo - Head of Marketing, RP Data

We wanted to do something different and challenging and David quickly grasped what we were looking for and after a few emails and meetings was able to come up with a tailored event that cut to the core of what we were trying to achieve. Unlike so many facilitators/ guest speakers, David took a tailor made approach and the bespoke result was better that I could have wished for.

Matt Pearce - Managing Director, Diversified Exhibitions

David is professional, effective and incredibly easy to work with - especially under specific and measurable criteria. I am always looking to re engage David again with in our business due to the fantastic results he delivers. I look forward to working with David again!

Andrew Shand - Strategic Project Manager, Global Corporate Rewards

David has a great social conscience. He relates well to people and is highly motivated in all that he does. On top of this he is a great guy!

Neil McWhannell GAICD JP - Chief Executive Officer, Educate Plus (Former CEO - HeartKids Australia)

Working with David has been a personal and professional journey I never expected. His innate ability to inspire people for the long term, rather than just motivate them for the short term and has lead me to explore opportunities to work in sales and corporate training with major international brands. Dave, thank you and thank you again! More than helping me make the shifts I needed to really to get the results I always wanted!

Laura McIlroy – Copywriter, International Contractor

As a result of the training within 6 months, I now manage a million dollar account with a multi-billion dollar client with my own small team as well as starting my own family business. The training around State Management has really helped me both in business and in my personal life, specifically the ability to switch in to a state of certainty and confidence when faced with a state of overwhelm. This training is for everyone who is looking to reach the next level in their personal or professional life. DC’s coaching covers all aspects, from relationships to entrepreneurship! Massive thanks Dave!’

Rob Daniel – Program Manager, LivePerson APAC

I now have a completely different state of mind in my standards for myself personally and professionally as a result of working with David Cervelli… the difference in my work ethic and beliefs within myself are truly remarkable… I had little to no direction, no sales knowledge and no idea of what I wanted out of my professional life… I now am part of the senior sales team in my business and am arguably one of the better sales people in the company all because of Dave’s sales training and coaching.

Bridget Rose – Business Development Manager, Sharples Enterprises