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Published on November 20, 2013 by David Cervelli

TIme efficiency and project management are two of the biggest holes in many executives and small business owners’ games. Working with thousands of business professionals across the globe, the pattern repeats itself: skill in managing one resource (time), is a direct reflection of skill managing other resources (money) and vice-versa. Business coaching 101 – you want more money? Learn to manage your time better.

And there is Wunderlist; the resource to help.

Wunderlist isn’t the only product on the market. In fact, there is a sh*t ton, and when we first started using Wunderlist in our business, we thought they were all as painful as each other.

What does it do?

Is a cloud-based project management and list building tool. Simply put, you can write out all of your (multiple) lists, give priorities and deadlines to jobs in the lists, share the lists with collaborators and setup push notifications to let you know when things have changed or are due.

I use Wunderlist for everything. I use it to plan out marketing campaigns, web design priorities, clients I need to follow up on – I even use it to remember when someone in my family says they want something so I can get them a cool birthday gift when it comes around. It’s also bailed me out when I’ve re-met a key person in a networking event and couldn’t remember their name. That last one is worth every cent of the NOTHING I pay for it 🙂

Why Wunderlist?

1. Accessibility

Wunderlist is accessible on all key devices: Desktop application, web application (online), mobile and smart device. If you make a change to or add a list, the change will automatically sync to all devices as soon as they’re connected. Unlike some other products, when there are multiple changes from different devices, it will intelligently select the most recent.

2. Simplicity

Tech should make life easier. While so many digi products are designed for productivity, this one has also been designed with User Experience as a priority. It’s simple, it’s sexy – what else would you expect from a country that brought you the Porsche and the Mercedes?

3. Priorities

We live in a fast paced world, even more so for business owners and executives. I love the fact the changing priority of a task is as simple as clicking a button or drag n’ drop.

4. Collaboration

Different departments, different teams, different levels of required privacy – no problem for Wunderlist. Share the group tasks, and keep private the one’s that show your leg-press weights from this morning’s gym session. Seriously, if you’re not convinced by now – stop reading, you can’t be saved.

5. It’s a Freemium

We use the free version. Thats said, earlier in 2013, Wunderlist Pro was released, a premium version which carries a small monthly cost. It’s basically more collaboration tools like adding files to tasks, assigning tasks and a chat platform. I’ve never used it, I think that the free version is already a game-changer. If you fall in love with these features and fork out the $5 a month, let us know how you go!

In summary, if you’re not on Wunderlist yet – get on board. This is one of the must-have tools we share with all of our business coaching clients as well as the leadership teams we work with.


Enjoy this series of “Most Highly Leveraged Free Business Tools”. These products are the exact tools my team use in our business optimization, sales and marketing, but also those used by the mast successful wealth builders that we work with. Check it out and pass them around, and if you have any other kick-ass tools – please add them in the tools below to share with our community. To your success!! 🙂

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