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Success in business and life is a team sport – it’s tough doing this stuff alone.

Sales and business leaders are tasked with delivering daily, and it doesn’t get easier – but that’s what puts you at the top, right? But the top can be lonely and resources like perspective, balance and strategic direction can sometimes take a back seat to driving higher revenue, cost reduction and culture maintenance.

Great leaders work hard. They do what others are unwilling to do. They are focused, driven and make decisions with heart. But no matter if your are a great athlete, performer or Business Leader what separates the great from the elite is their ability to continually grow through disciplined feedback, mindset, accountability and support.

David Cervelli & Discover Coaching’s Business Leader Coaching Programs have been successfully implemented in both Enterprise and Small Businesses all around the world. His expert approach and unique practices have been proven to drive immediate results in both sales culture and personal fulfilment.


  • The Discover Coaching Sales and Leadership programs are designed in a practical, immediate-to-implement way to take charge of the challenges facing today’s business leaders. Our success comes from our regimented feedback and accountability program which is the magic ingredient to moving you forward.With more than 10 years of in-the-trenches experience in Senior Management, Start-ups, and Sales Leadership, David Cervelli is regarded as a foremost authority on all things Sales, Customer and Staff Engagement. Specialized experience in today’s business challenges include:
    • Mindset management & creating Your Future® interventions
    • Business values alignment systems
    • Competitor targeting strategies
    • Sales strategy for high level influence enablement
    • Building online communities & leveraging social media for branding & lead flow
    • Attracting & engaging a highly motivated sales force
    • Induction, training & career pathing
    • Work/life balance & fulfilment strategies for health & well being
    • Negotiation & mediation for team & client management

    With regular contact and tasking, our team is available to you anytime with advice and guidance along the way to your objectives.

    The decision to work with a Business or Success Coach is an individual one, and not for everyone. Our Business Coaching Programs are designed only for people ready to take the next step in their life right now.

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David Cervelli’s Coaching Programs are tailored to each individual and align tactical, strategic and visionary leadership styles to reach both Professional and Personal milestones. David is fully certified for the use of both proprietary (Neuro Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy ®, Straight Line System) and authored custom programs (How to Boil an Egg, Sales Accelerator Series, Coaches Collection).

David Cervelli is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist with the ABNLP and ABH.

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