Do you know about the 3 second rule? The world’s leading theoretical physicists, brain surgeons and chess champions got together and determined that 3 seconds is exactly how long you have before a dropped donut is no longer good to pick back up and eat.

That’s important to know.

It also happens to be three-quarters of how long it takes for a stranger to make their first internal judgment of you when you first meet. This is just as true in a business communication or sales frame (e.g. networking event, a sales pitch or presentation), as it is in a social environment (e.g. bar, party).

So what if your communication hesitation is costing you donuts / the man or women of your dreams / the next client who will change the trajectory of your life and business forever?

As it turns out, this is the #1 most common trait of excellent sales people and business leadership experts – the ability to act! If there’s an opportunity, they seize it and if there’s a problem, they confront it.

You might be thinking, “well of course I attract more awesome in my life when I act, no sh*t,” but it’s actually cooler than that.

See, the judgement that’s made in the most primal part of our brain is critical. It’s the unconscious equation that determines whether a stimulus (like a new person walking in the room) is worth our attention (is it safe?) or not. 99.9% of stimuli – and people – don’t pass the test because they don’t act with confidence in time.

TRANSLATION: When a prospect (or a donut) sees you hesitate for more than 3 seconds, you are unconsciously put into a compartment of not worth attention. This state of indifference from your client is the biggest hurdle to overcome, and what is costing you the most sales.

And you thought they were just not in the market…

ACTION: Apply the 3 second rule in all business communication and personal areas of your life. When you notice someone who you can add value to, or can add value to you – act in under 3 seconds.

Tell us how you go!!

Happy hunting people xo


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